Restarting Ultima Online- UOForever

Hey guys, any of y'all palyed UO back in the days? 

I'm starting to play again on a fairly new server (though the population is really big already) that is based (mostly, has some some balance changes and such) on the pre-T2A rule-set. This means no Trammel.

Now, this game is notoriously hard to start in, so if any of you guys are looking to re-start playing, or try it out for the first time, let me know!

Game client (free) and server info is @

If you have no idea what this game is all about (as I'm sure most people will), check it out. It's the mother of all MMOs and pre-trammel rule-set is still (IMO) the king. Some of my favorite online gaming experience comes from this game, and I'm looking into creating some more great memories.

If it sounds like something you'd guys like to try, add me on Steam @ qcptioli or contact in-game, I'm Pamplemousse.