Resident Evil: The Final Chapter review. May contain spoilers

The franchise ended like it came in. The longest reigning video game to film adaption ever is no more, if they continue it after this, it will be a cash grab.

On to the review.

This is the spoiler free version. There maybe a few plot lines revealed but nothing majorly revealing. Depending in the responses I get from you guys, I will post spoilers in this thread with spoiler tags.

The camera work was nauseating and the film was far to dark. Forget what you know and remove the fact that this is Resident Evil cause they sure did, from open plot holes not being filled and to characters we are introduced to lacking any personality. I advise you to take it with a grain of salt. We see an ad at the beginning of the film with Milla and Paul WS Anderson thanking movie goers for seeing the film. On to the film. It is dark loud and full of jump scares with horrible CGI. I had what they call a delayed headache after the fact, my head as I type this is now pounding. The camera work was awful either the action could not be shown in shot or the action shots was terribly shown with flashes of light simulating muzzle flashes. Flashbacks, flashbacks galore, and more flashbacks. The intent was to get newer Resident Evil fans to buy all the older movies and catch up. No Guns N Roses song was harmed during the 2 hours I sat through this film. With all these factors and this being the final movie of the series it was like watching teeth getting pulled. The monsters introduced was just a mess, you could barely could make out what they were. As you seen in the trailers, they go back to the hive, with the laser hallway and all the other good stuff that made the first film watchable. However that gets shoved to the side over more flashbacks and more darkened rooms. No iconic enemies like Nemesis puts up any fight whatsoever. The only thing this film is good at is mindless action, shut your brain off mindless action. Paul WS Anderson must avoid what critics say cause he did not listen here as the film makes all the mistakes of the older films. Sony Pictures put this out as well, so that is a thing. The music was pretty cool as it brought back the techno style SpecOps music that the first fill had. In fact I think they reused some of the music.

Final rating 3 out of 10, I give the 3 cause I enjoyed the music score.

I will reveal the fate of the world if you guys would be willing to read it.

the reigning video game film adaptation always has been, and still is, Mortal Kombat, not RE. The '95 MK movie was a quintessential camp gongfu film that drew from its roots in over-the-top 80's action and HK cinema to achieve something no other VG film franchise ever has: making a genuine and entertaining piece of entertainment that stands apart from the source material.

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Here is why I am mad. Warning spoilers below. My head still hurts.

Leon, Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Ada Wong and all the other survivors but Claire from last Re movies were killed off screen due to Albert Wesker betraying Alice and destroying The White House after giving her powers back to her. She has some alone time getting kills in on leftover monsters from the battle. She survived underground in The White House remains. She gets a letter over a Dot Matrix printer somehow still powered from the Red Queen then some monitors come on and the Queen tells her to go back to Raccoon City and enter the Hive for The Umbrella Corporation has an airborne antidote. She travels to Raccoon City and is caught by Dr Isaacs, he tells her all she killed was a clone and then thrown out of an armored APC while in restraints while a horde of the undead try and kill her. She make her way back on the APC killing most of the henchmen and cutting the hand of Issacs as well using it for a finger print to start the Umbrella Corp cycle. She meets some survivors in Raccoon City all of them are new faces, except for Claire. After learning that a group of armored vehicles and a horde of zombies is coming their way, the group prepares to make their last stand. They manage to defeat the enemy forces, although Cobalt is killed in the process. The group later realizes that a second horde is coming in their direction. With no defenses left, Alice and the crew decide to get to the Hive entrance, located at the bottom of the atomic bomb crater which destroyed the city. However, Wesker, having taken control of the Hive, releases mutated guard dogs, killing Christian. Upon arriving at the Hive, the Red Queen appears again and explains the reason of her betrayal. It is revealed that someone uploaded a video recording of the Umbrella executives, including Isaacs, formulating a plan to release the T-virus on purpose in order to cleanse the world, save the rich and powerful with cryogenic capsules hidden in the Hive, and later rebuild the world in their image. The Red Queen, although programmed to never hurt an Umbrella employee, was also programmed to value human life, which is why she enlists Alice's help in order to stop Isaacs. The Red Queen also warns Alice about one of the group being a spy for Umbrella. Claire had fallen in love with the spy. Entering the Hive, the group encounter several obstacles, and Abigail and Razor are killed. After planting bombs around the Hive, Alice confronts the real Isaacs, while she and Claire are captured by Wesker and Doc, Umbrella's spy. A cyrogenic capsule opens, revealing Alicia Marcus, Umbrella's co-leader and Marcus's daughter; Alice is a clone of Alicia. Isaacs plans to eliminate Alicia and gain full control of Umbrella, but Alicia "fires" Wesker, which signals the Red Queen to crush his legs with a security door. Doc tries to shoot Alice, but his gun is empty - as Alice had deduced his treachery earlier - and he is shot dead by Claire. Encouraged by Alicia's words, Alice and Claire fight Isaacs, who is eventually killed by his own clone - the one Alice had encountered en route to the city - and Alice manages to release the antivirus, killing the undead. The bombs planted within the Hive explode, killing everyone inside, including Alicia, all the frozen Umbrella employees, and Wesker. Claire later wakes Alice, who survived as the antivirus killed the T-virus within Alice's body. The Red Queen gives Alice an upload of all Alicia's memories of childhood. Some time later, Alice travels to Manhattan, stating that the antivirus could take several years to reach all corners of the globe and until then, her mission isn't over, as several large creatures pursue her.