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Request for hyperbackup test of Synology DS920+ NAS if detailed review is planned

Hi Wendell,

If a more detailed review of the Synology DS920+ NAS is planned, can you please look at and test the hyperbackup feature?

I used it when my DS216+II data on both HDDs got corrupted, after the failure one HDD got replaced and another was simply formatted ( why both is another story which I can share if you like ). I had backups made with hyperbackup, but only for certain Synology apps and without system setting. After I used it to restore my data, hyperbackup screw up all my Synology apps and I basically lost all documents from the Drive app and Photos DB of Moments app.

After further testing since most of my important data was lost anyways I tried to figure out what happened. It seems hyperbackup doesn’t manage the unix users + ACL permissions Synology uses under the hood correctly (at least when the new username is the same but UID is not). The only way I managed to make it work properly is to backup everything at once including the system settings.

It would be interesting to see if this new unit has these problems too, since it uses the same software.