Request for Guidance on processor choice please

PS I found a request like this online, I just modified what were my own requirements.

I would like to run unraid.

I am currently in the process of choosing parts for my first Unraid build and was hoping to get some advice on the processor. I recently got a great deal on a used motherboard Supermicro X10srl-f

Budget for processor max 250us, I prefer to buy used processors from eBay.

I don’t have any power restrictions as power is cheap where I live. Heat is not an issue (I hope) as I’ll use a tower style cooler noctua nh-d9x i4 3u.

NAS Uses:

  • Primary purpose: Backup for critical files, Media Server, Dockers, Plex Server (Up to 2-4 1080p/(plan to buy a GTX1060 eventually), Home Security DVR for cameras 2-4 1080p, Personal Cloud music player (spotify alternative),)

Media Finder/Downloader/Metadata/Organize (Sonarr, Radarr, Linarr, uTorrent, Sabnzbd, Plexply etc…),

  • Secondary purpose: Virtual Machines (Maybe 1 or 2 max at once - web browsing & email), Gaming (I would like the ability to run steam), Remote Access,

The games I like to play are adventure based, Far Cry, Resident Evil, Sniper Elite, Devil May Cry, always wanted to play battle field though I feel that will be asking to much…

Front End Clients:

*Fire TV

  • Fire Stick

  • Nvidia Shield

  • HTPC

  • Tablet

*if possible be able to stream my games.

So I’ve narrowed my CPU choices down to the below: Requirements (High Base Frequency and moderate core count) please advise me if low frequency higher core count cpus are better suited.

  • Intel Xeon E5-1650 v3 @ 3.50GHz Core: 6 12T- (Passmark: 13631) - price is decent for used processors, will this be able to handle everything I listed above? If not what will I not be able to do or be able to do lol?

Intel Xeon E5-2667 v3 @3.2ghz

Core:8 - (Passmark:16011), a bit pricy when compared to ryzen offerings. If I can keep it close to the pricing of e5-1650v3 it would be preferred.

  • Intel Xeon E5-1620 v3 @ 3.50GHz Core: 4 - (Passmark: 9747) - price is very affordable! I plan to run with this for the while for basic Nas and plex duties, 2 DVR home security cameras and wait for prices of more powerful processors to fall and upgrade later on to do more advanced stuff listed above (though I’d rather have the ability to do it now!)

Do you guys think I can get away with the 1650? Or should I consider the lower clocked processors with more core like the e5-2640v3 (8 core 16T) 13864 passmark @2.6Ghz, or e5-2680v3 (12core,24T) 18000 passmark @2.5Ghz? Will the lower frequency put me at a disadvantage for gaming, vms, plex and DVR home security cameras and everything else? Thank you in advance to anyone who responds to my request

Absolutely positively will. Games arent multithreaded enough. Go with the 1650

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Thank you for you input, will consider.

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