Request for 3260x1920 triple tablet screen on flexible arm, and build video using it

The 2048x1536 tablet screen in a MiniITX build was (and is) very creative - and 100% pure epic.

Any chance of a triple-monitor setup on a single, flexible arm? Maybe with a 3260x1920 resolution (3x FullHD screens, lined up in vertical/portrait orientation, slightly curved towards the user), with using cheap IPS tablet screens again (8 to 10 inches)? It would be the closest thing to 4K monitors on a budget.

Or how about a sub-500$ project for a near-4K (combined) triple-screen IPS multi-monitor setup might be quite the project, especially with flexible arm included.

Maybe a Z87 MicroATX Dual CrossFire build video might be awesome, with that 1920p triple screen on a flexible arm. Maybe optimized for gaming (rather than overclocking), silence-oriented (for gaming immersion), high resolution quality (high-res textures, 1920p), and portability (small and light for Lan Parties)... that'd be a build I'd really love to see. (I know there are wayyyy too many videos to prepare. But, that'd be an awesome build.)

Just a thought. Keep up the good work. Love this idea of using high-res tablet screens to fill the gap which monitor manufacturers refuse to fill in the PC world (for an affordable price, at least).

The gap between the display will destroy the immersiveness... And crossfire has a framerating issue...

but it would still be badass...

I think crossfire was fixed

If it hasn't yet been fixed, I know AMD plans on releasing drivers to fix it very, very soon. I think I shared that story a while ago over here on the Tek, although it might have been some other forum.

Aren't there any almost bezel-less tablet monitors out there from some Korean or Chinese panel manufacturer?

Even when they are very small, they are still destracting... that's why I don't use AMD's eyefinity or Nvidia's whatever they call it... I don't like it at all..

it's like wating something behind bars...

Well... I've used multi-monitor setups before, and they're awesome. But perhaps a better question here is; how much bezel makes a multi-monitor setup un-immersive for gaming?

I think it has to do with the proportion of the screen, and the distance from the player viewing said monitor. So, 0.25" might not seem like much, unless you're dealing with a 7 inch screen. But if you're using a a 30 inch screen, 0.5" bezel isn't that big.

So, what proportion relative to a screen size is good or bad for multi-monitor gaming? (I think it's called nVidia Surround, and I don't remember what AMD calls it.)