Repurpose iPad 2nd Gen

I've got an old iPad 2nd Gen lying around and I wanted to ask if anyone knows what can I do with it. Maybe use as external monitor via HDMI or something.
Any suggestions?

I have seen where people have used it as a second monitor, or a controler for a HTPC. Will be following this to see what happens.

There are a lot of apps on the appstore that allows you to use it as a secondary monitor. Requires just a USB connection to the computer but can't be a "dumb" connection like the HDMI. To use it via HDMI you should tear it apart, take out the screen and find a controller to drive it.
You could use it as a web radio (Spotify, Pandora and so on) or to watch movies/Netflix/Youtube on. If you have a BT keyboard write docs and emails on it. I think it's still a pretty useful device even if it's not that new.

So use it as a tablet?

Make good remotes for chromecast or something.

Yeah, basically I totally went out of the tracks. Hurray for me! sarcasm


I guess you could jailbreak it and install some emulators if you're into old games. If you like building cool stuff you could make one of those magic mirrors. It would probably be pretty cool to have one of those with Siri.