Replacing PSU fan?

Hi i have a Silverstone sfx 450w powersupply and i want to replace the stock fan. The stock fan is insanely loud,infact the loudest thing in my system.... ive heard that u can change this particular fan in to the psu

It is very simple by connecting "red and black" wire to the psu leaving PWM wire alone and it should work fine. Note that i am aware that this will void the warranty of the unit and its not a problem, because i would do anything to change that fan.


but i want to know ur thoughts. Is it worth it?

Thank you.


NOTE:: Only 80 x 80 x 15mm fans fit inside the psu. So keep this in mind if you are going to recommend some different fans.

better fan thats cheaper and has speed controller

best fan with no speed controller


point is is that the fan you chose is shit. the above fans are my pick. the rosewill would be my choice as you could controll the speed and from experience they are extremely quiet

I appreciate that you have looked some different fans for me. But i forgot to mention that the fan needs to be 80 x 80 x 15mm ill edit this info to the post. So your fans are too big to go inside the unit. Of course i could put the fan outside the unit to push air in thro the fan hole.

Im sorry that i took your time because lack of information.

Just be careful, some parts store the power and when you touch them, you will be zapped by over 110 Volts.

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I just want to add in here, i have an insanely loud power supply as well, and in my case its not the fan that is loud, its the power supply structure that makes it noisy, i'd suggest checking that before you  make any changes.


hope this helps. coolermaster seems best and most quiet

modeling clay and soft foam can do wonders on loud components. 

Thank you everyone for giving me advices it really helped! I will upload new information if i decide to do anything.

I have a similar problem with a standard atx PSU (not too loud) however I'm wondering if getting too silent of a fan may harm the cooling of the PSU. Any advice on the type of fan I should get or a particular one you guys recommend?

Just make sure you leave it unplugged for a while before you work on it and it should be safe as there should be Bleeder resistors on the mains filter caps.
edit: sorry i just noticed this is an old thread

It probably wont matter if its a good quality psu and your ambient temperature is not ridiculously high i changed the fan on a Seasonic M12 II Evo with a nf-f12 a few years ago and plugged it into a molex with the low noise adapter and it's still working fine even with the 35-40°C ambient i get in summer.

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