Replacing my Gamecom 780s

I've had the Plantronics Gamecom 780s for almost 2 years but unfortunately recently while getting up the cable got caught and pulled into the ground snapping one of the sides. While the headset still works perfectly it would be better off as a single cup headset at this point. That being said I'm in the market for a new headset w/microphone. As I'm not familiar with headset I figured it would be easiest to come here. I'm looking for something that won't be overly expensive but still of good quality and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. I'm not particular on any one brand so I'm open to whatever would be the best for the money. Thanks in advance for the help.


Well, id suggest you right of the bat to look on getting good headphones and then getting a seperate mic such as the antlion modmic(logan did a review of it),right now i can't give you suggestions,i not really in the ''audio market''{ ill say it like that}. but the logitech g35 is good and razer electra.Im only mentioning these two since they are the only ones i've owned

I have used this headset in the past and it was pretty damn good. And its on sale on amazon right now for really cheap.

The only problem I ever had with it was after about 8 straight hours of wearing them the top of my head would feel a bit sore, but I attached a bit of padding and never had that problem again. I upgraded to a bit better headset and gave these to a friend who is still using them.

I would also suggest the Headphones and Mic route. I currently have the 780 and it is not bad but I really wish I had gone the other path. Listening to Music is just not as full as it could be.