Replacing Microsoft Money

Hello fellow tech enthusiasts!

I am once again faced with a really strange issue in my job that I thought perhaps someone here could help me with.

One of our clients has been using Microsoft Money 2005 on their PC for as long as they have had it. It started as a Windows 7 PC, but got upgraded to Windows 10. The PC is now acting up and they want to replace it.

This would be a straightforward task if not for their continued reliance on Microsoft Money for their accounting.

Would anyone know of a program for Windows that can replace Microsoft Money, importing the existing data?

Great many thanks, Fantom.

might give list a try but youll have to play around with it too see

Thanks for that, it was worth a read.

It seems that GNUCash can import certain formats of data, including that exported by Microsoft Money. They have details at the link below about migrating from Microsoft Money.

Thankfully we do have the Money installation working so we could do this.

Does anyone have any experience with GNUCash? Is it easy to pick up having used other accounting software?


Are they using this for personal or business use?

If personal I suggest YNAB, its a great budget tracker and uses the envelop method.

If business Freshbooks?

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