Replacing A shielded RJ45 Connector

Looks like a shielded connector that has been terminated in a way that makes the shielding pointless? Looks like the blue foil should be captured in the crimp for the connector to function as designed? The cable is coming from the antenna for our wireless ISP. Any reason this connector can’t be cut off and replaced with standard plasic RJ45 in order to re-route the cable? Should I include another shielded connector in my monoprice order? I dont mind replacing with a like connector but seems pointless in this scenario. If i do order some, can this be crimped with a standard crimper?

You should be fine with either a shielded or an unshielded connector. Just don’t connect the shield. Connecting the shield might be dangerous, depending on how the other end is connected.
If you ground connectors on both ends, you risk creating a ground loop which is a fire hazard. The shield will do it’s job either way.