Replacement for SD+USB card combo

I’m looking for an upgrade for this.

It is an SD and USB memory stick in a single device. The current one is a SanDisk Ultra II 2.0 2GB. It is getting very long in the tooth. I could really use some bigger one at least 8GB (so I can store a whole DVD image on them. Does anybody know if anybody still makes these devices?

Is there a certain reason you want it combined in one device?

I love the form factor. It is something I can leave in my wallet and have it available for multiple interfaces. Not everything has a USB slot (think cameras/video recorders). Then, I want to make sure I can get off the memory card, I don’t have to worry having a SD card reader on a desktop.

Ah yes I think the form factor is pretty cool. After some googling the largest I could find was a 4gb.

Not sure why it got branded as Ducati… I guess Italian motorcycles are cool just not what I think of when I am looking for SD cards

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