Replacement for Acer Swift 1


I’m looking to replace my Acer Swift 1 13" model. All of my lectures have moved online and I don’t have access to my desktop machine so I am stuck with this low spec machine, whose 4 gigs of ram really put a damper on multitasking.

The specs I’m looking for are:

  • 8 GB of RAM (ideally upgradable later on)
  • Intel Core i5 (ideally 8th generation)
  • 1920x1080 IPS panel, something around 13" or 14"
  • Budget: around 500 Euros

I think the best option would be to get a used business laptop like a ThinkPad, Dell Latitude or HP EliteBook/ProBook, however the prices I’m seeing on the Intel 8th gen machines are still rather high here in Germany. I think the ThinkPad hype is really keeping the prices of even older machines up.

I wanted to ask here because I’m hoping there is some diamond in the rough that usually nobody goes for and might be a little bit cheaper while still offering an upgrade to my current machine (i.e. I am not sure a ThinkPad 440p really is a performance upgrade in any way).