Replacement CPU fan

Hey guys/girls,

I'm looking to change my CPU fan cooler(not the heatsink) this is my current setup:

  • CM hyper 212 evo (cooler)
  • FX 8320 @ 4.4 ghz
  • m5a97 r2 evo
  • GTX 760 

My temps are fine I'm just looking for a replacement fan cause the 212 gets kinda loud..

Anyone got any suggestions for a affordable silent but good fan?


Noctua fans?

I just put two NZXT FN120 fans on mine and they work great


They aren't silent, but they are definatly quieter than the stock 212 fan

The Corsair SP 120 Quiet Edition fans are actually very quiet. The only thing that I can hear from my computer is noise made by the blower fan on my GPU, and I've got my cooler in push-pull.

Here's my 212 with two NZXT FN-120RB fans in push/pull

Here's my Thermalright True 120 with two Corsair SP 120 Quiet Edition fans in push/pull

Look at my shitty cable management options and weep.

i'd think that would give me a heart attack if i were to see that in person.

I'll look into a noctua I guess, my fans seem loud to me cause I got like 2 fan grates?(holes on the side) and 2 on the top and there like open so sound goes through maybe i should invest in a new case. Got a cooler master elite 430 or something atm.

Guys I bought the noctua NF-F12, put the LNA on and disabled Q- CPU fan control in the bios. Am I doing it right? Or do you guys think I should run it without the Low noise adapter?

Try it without the fan speed reducers first, and see how you like it. If it's still too noisy, try the adapters.

I've made it marginally better since then, so it isn't quite as soul-rendingly disturbing.

The noise is fine atm but I guess It wasn't my cpu fan that was loud to begin with. I think It's my PSU It's a Coolermaster GX 550w and whenever I'm playing games it ramps up and I think thats about the loudest fan in my case.. I got 2 Nexus real silent fans too (1 front 1 back)

typically all of those fans are essentially static pressure case fans. Open your PSU and replace it with something else.

I replaced my PSU fan with my nexus real silent (pulled fan cable with the other PSU cables) and connected it to a 4 pin-molex. This really made a huge difference It's much more quiet thanks for the suggestion.