Repetitive clicking sound coming from my desktop

Alright, so usually I’d take the rig apart and handle this myself but it’s in one of those pain in the ass locations and it weighs a shit ton as naturally I live with a lot of people and we don’t have much space. I’ve actually hurt my back a number of times pulling it out but this sound is driving me crazy.

If I’m being honest with you, I have an idea of what it is but I just want to make sure. It sounds like one of my drives but I’ve heard the noise could also be a problem with the PSU. I have doubts about it being the PSU though and here’s why:

  1. The clicking happens rapidly and loudly as the system starts and then goes away after Windows boots
  2. I suspect the sound would also be accompanied by coil whine… I don’t hear that.
  3. It’s an EVGA G2. I’ve never read of one failing… But it happens.

Here’s why I believe it’s a drive:

  1. CDI doesn’t display the drive
  2. Windows partition manager doesn’t show the drive
  3. It makes sense that when the system starts there would be a clicking sound as that’s when the drives rotate to the speeds they operate at.

I feel stupid for even making a post about it but the clicking itself is really fast… And it just doesn’t sound like a hard drive does when it fails. Usually the clicks are more varied…

If anyone is interested the suspected drive is a 500gb Hitachi that runs at 7200 rpm.

It’s probably the drive… But for my back’s sake I just wanted to ask if anyone has ever had experience with this.

Either way it sucks lol

Check all your fans and also is the Hitachi the boot drive? If not just unplug it and see if the sound persists.

If you want try rolling up a piece of paper into a tube put it to your ear so you can pin point where the sound is coming from better (actually works in my experience lol).


Thanks for the suggestion! Luckily, the Hitachi was only used for temporary projects and nothing special. I did have my kernel source there but that’s backed up on Git. The drive isn’t anything too critical however.

Applied your advice and it’s almost certainly the drive. I’ll be removing it when I get hone from school today. I’ll use the opportunity to install the copy of GTA I have floating around…

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