Repairing a Broken Cable

I just got a new puppy last week, and very conveniently, she chewed through one of my lightning cables(Apple's standard cable). I have cut, stripped, and reconnected all the wires to their accompanying wire. The next task is to put some tape around the ends to prevent cross-touching(pretty sure there's a name for it but I can't think of it right now) and then wrap the whole site up in tape so there aren't any bits sticking out. Some issues that have me worried:

  • There are red, green, and white wires. Then theres a wire mesh. The issue that worries me is that there are 3 unprotected wires(they were like that before I started my fixing attempt). I'm worried that those had a specific wire that they need to be reconnected to(you may be able to see them in the pictures I have posted. They are in between the colored wires)
  • The 3 unprotected wires and the 3 protected wires are grouped together inside a layer of what appears to be aluminum foil. Since aluminum is conductive(assuming that is aluminum foil), wouldn't that mean that it doesn't necessarily matter how the 3 unprotected wires are connected because they all touch the same piece of aluminum foil
  • In the very middle, there's several thin yellow strands. They bend incredibly easy. My first guess is that they're fiber optic, but the more I think about it, the more positive I am that they aren't, but I don't know what else they could be
  • The wires seem to be too thin for the tape to be able to remain stuck to the wires. I'm not sure what I can do to circumvent this so I'm probably going to end up being careful to keep all the pieces of tape in their proper locations and carefully wrap everything up

Do y'all think this would be safe to use when I'm done? I've taken some pictures of my progress, although I doubt much will be able to be discerned from them. Opinions? Let me know if I need to clear something up.


Update since typing this yesterday: All of the wires have been connected together. All that is left to do is to cover them with some tape and wrap everything up

I think that what you r looking for is called heat shink tubing. You put it on a wire, connect both sides of a wire together and then move that tubing over the connection and heat it with a lighter od a heat gun. Just be carefull not to burn your wires. The same thing you do with whole cable, but you gotta put the shink tubing first, before making any soldering. It comes in variety of sizes appropriate for your needs. It can shink to less than half of its original size.

I have never heard of that. Will definitely look into that