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Remove unwanted resolutions options

Hi everyone
Is it possible to remove unworkable resolution options?

Using multiple monitors in extend mode. And when going back and forth from surround mode the resolution auto set to 4096x2160, though the native resolution is 3840x2160. It’s a nuisance having to set them correctly each time.

Figured if we had control, and removed the unwanted options, it’d force windows to stick with the native resolution every time.
Or maybe there’s another solution?

(I’m using windows 10, nvidia GPU, intel CPU)

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure the resolution list is pulled straight from the monitor’s EDID. Sounds to me like the monitor has a non-native resolution marked as the preferred resolution.

Windows doesn’t have very powerful tools for this stuff built-in, but maybe take a look at CRU (Custom Resolution Utility). It lets you view your monitors’ EDIDs, edit them, and set an override. It doesn’t change the monitor’s firmware, it just puts an inf file somewhere on the filesystem. You could try removing the 4096x2060 mode from preferred modes, if that’s actually the problem.

Display Changer II also works well. If you just have 2 setups you want to switch between, you can write a bat file to load one preset or the other and make a shortcut to it.

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Thank you very very much for directing me MrFigs! :slight_smile:

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