Remote desktop for cad

So next semester I will be moving into a house with several people and i wouldnt have space for my desktop in my room, I need the extra horse power for cad and circuit analysis so i would like to have it connected to the router on the main floor and have some form of remote login through my laptop in my room. I have seen software like moonlight that seems to work decently how ever that is bound to Nvidia GPUs where I have a radeon one. So does anyone have any suggestions for some remote log in software that would work for my situation. If its of any importance
i7 4870qm
gtx 870m
win 8 pro( willing to buy the upgrade)
fx 8350
rx 470
32gb of ram
win 10 educ

Remote Desktop on Windows 10 supports the latest RemoteFX protocols. To that end DirectX across a 1GB LAN works well enough for productivity software - even some light gaming.

Edit, if your CAD software uses OpenGL you would/might need to host it on a Server 2012 R2 or 2016 VM, the latest time I tried something with OpenGL it just errored - MS keep support for some virtualisation or remote desktop stuff restricted to their Server products.

Have you done benchmarks to compare the two systems? I just looked up benchmarks for the two processors and the i7 actually is on par or beats the FX 8350 in many of them.

It's 3-4x faster for circuit analysis.

I do have access to several win server licenses.

Is onshape an option?

From reading not so much, I need this to work with Autodesk, quartus (some other altera software) and some custom stuff that the school gave us.