Remote desktop for CAD and BIM

Hi all!
I have no experience or educational background in any field in computer science, but I do like to tinker with my PC and learn new things.
With that out of the way, I am looking to setup a private remote desktop environment between my tower pc and an older laptop. The goal would be to stream CAD and BIM software from my tower pc to the laptop, so that I can work remotely and not be bottlenecked because of the lower specs of the laptop.
What clients and networking setups would you recommend for Windows machines for that use case?
I’ve been looking at Team viewer, VNC, VPNs, port forwarding, etc, etc, but I don’t have the know how to make the best decision.

RDP over Wireguard VPN would be the performance/security sweet spot IMO.

Whether or not that will be usable for CAD, idk. There will be some compression and latency no matter how you do it.


You also could look into the various self-hosted “cloud gaming” options, which might work a bit better for CAD since they are optimized for lower input latency and other stuff.

Parsec, Moonlight, and Rainway are the three big options last I looked into it.


shadow PC is a good alternative as well $10 a month with decent enough storage space and hardware to do CAD.

Linode VPN Server, OpenVPN between laptop and PC.
Secure, Cheap and speed is fantastic for RDP.
Depending on the network, near instant reaction on remote.
All Items in Linode to create this, even at high encryption levels, using standard is fast.

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I had to do this (minus wiregaurd plus pptp) with AutoCAD when covid hit. It’s the least worst option. I tried chrome remote desktop, TeamViewer, and vnc. All of them introduced even more latency. There’s still some with RDP but it’s usable. I would not recommend it for daily use.


There is no getting over informations speed . RDP as above works well. You only need speed .