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Remote connect to Linux (Ubuntu 15) PC

There is a problem with the linux pc at work and we trying to remote connect to the box. Any tips?


Do you need graphical or just a terminal? Is this thing on a domain? There is not enough information to help you right now.

You can do remote rendering with X by using ssh -X <ip/machine name>

If you need just terminal, ssh <machinename/ip>

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But does this PC already have something installed that will allow connection, or someone will do it locally? Otherwise it’s …
Lots of programs for this purpose with gui … rdp via vpn or x2go.

As a service option, I recommend to equip with ipkvm which would be connected to a problematic pc as a last resort if the OS fell completely.

We need more context to help.

  • Protocol,
  • error message or behavior,

would be a great start.