Reminder for community. Free Ubisoft games

Just wanted to remind everyone. This months free Ubisoft Game The Crew is going away in a few days. Here is the link.

Why is no one jumping on this? I told a buddy of mine about it that wants the new Forza Horizon. He said he would just wait, he didn't want anything watered down. This isn't a free game. It's a 40 dollar game that they are giving away for free. Lol.

moslty cause i dont want to install uplay


Pretty much the Uplay nonsense. And the fact that IF you can see people at all (horrible netcode), you'll only see 7 random drivers who are usually scattered around the whole map. Doesn't matter how many friends you have, you'll have to relog often to find one of them.

I beta tested the PC version in both closed betas and submitted 50+ minor glitches and about a dozen moderate to serious issues with photographic proof (many of which were confirmed by several other testers), but six months after the release none of them were fixed while they kept adding garbage.

The whole Uplay misery was the final nail in the game's coffin for me. Failures to connect, occasionally quitting the game in the process. Sh*tty UI, etc etc. It was such a nuisance that eventually said "f*ck it" and deleted my Uplay account (which I only made for The Crew anyway).

I'm not getting that game again even if they paid me to play it.