Remembering the Gods, Old CS and CSCO

I love CS 1.6. Playing GO lately is fun when the game actually works, when its a buggy pile of shit then it isn't so much fun. I may be nostolgic, but there are a lot of players that get banned for not very good reasons or just get arbitrarily banned, but when Hiko or get_right does the same shit oh no thats ok they're famous no one can be that good if they aren't famous.

Take for example scout training.

Phoon (needs mention in every cs post ever)

and many many others. A lot of the old players, me included, like the old versions of CS we were good at. I'm not as good as these guys, but the tick issues drive me fucking insane and at that CSGO is, at this point, call er dooder. I try to play, but its pretty much the most pointless thing I do all day.

And trust me, if faceit would help me find my account I might be playing there but they don't really care and I'm not buying another account.

So where the hell are we now. No one is touching 1.6 anymore, Source is bhop the video game, and GO is just pizza for hackers. You could argue CS is just a left over game from the 90's, but I think it is a much needed thing in the gaming industry. If there was a way for us as the players to manage CS it would be 10X better, I garuntee. But because valve, I believe, really is an awful company and can't pull their fame out of their ass, they don't even listen to their audience and what is wrong with the game. So, we have faceit, ESEA, all that. Not enough.

"Well then go play something else you whiney bi-"

nooooooo nonononono sir. I have a better idea! ENTER CSCO.

Arguably, CSGO has a better engine than source does and 1.6. On paper it does things better though I will rather want 1.6 over everything else CS has forever basically. BUT, if you want to see why the old gods and old players would rather have the old games look at this mod for CSGO. Lots of wallbanging on the old maps that just have updated textures. Lots of maneuverability versus the fatass you play in CSGO who can't stop the happy meals (somehow I feel its an embodiment of gabe himself...). Its more like CS should be, a quake mod......

A quake mod. QUAKE SIR. Its not its own thing (is now, but not really). (srcgold is modded quake 3 engine, the game mechanics are similar, the game is a quake mod to me, kek).

As a fun side story, while the game was actually working the other day, playing CSGO became fun for 10 or 20 minutes. As it turns out, you can wallbang most of cache, a map I don't play very often. It was fun playing like I used to in 1.6 and being top score (36 kills, 10 bomb plants).

Then I got 2 reports at the end so even more kek.

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I uninstalled CSGO a few days ago. This is the first time since I discovered CS a loooooong time ago that I don't have any version of CS installed on my PC. The more stuff they put in that game the more unbearable it becomes. Just like TF2 with those stupid hats, CSGO became a game about trading weapon skins. And it's just no longer fun to play when everybody just wants to play de_dust2 all the damn time. I could go on an on about all the shit that bothers me about CSGO but I'd be up all night.

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I mean, Dust 2 has been overplayed since March 2001 :| So I'm not sure much has changed since the early days except other maps.

I'm excited to try CO as soon as I can. I've played a little source and 1.6 recently for the experience.

Play Cevo, its free like faceit but the servers are better and the average skill of players is better.

Yeah I kinda agree I haven't loved the direction GO has taken. I'm newer to the cs franchise than the guys that have been around for 5-10 years, but I've still been around since 2013. I've started playing CS:S deathmatch and attempted 1.6, and I like how those games feel better than GO. There's not as much inhibiting movement, and aiming isn't as difficult. I've heard it said that CS:S and 1.6 have easier sprays and IMO that's true. Also, the CS:S deagle is stupid fun (and probably too easy).

I might try that.
Ive always enjoyed the older CS

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Wow I remember playing with phoon ages ago we were both regulars on a nuke server, I often log in just to spectate him. I wonder what he is doing now-a-days.

Unfortunately, not much can be said about CSGO. I quit playing early 2015 after discovering aim assists actual pros use in LAN tournaments. I used to watch hours of CSGO tournaments every week, now the entire pro scene makes me sick.

csgo isn't even about map control, game sense, and your over all economy, its all about money and kills. Look I have a holographic skin! wrrblrrrerserfxisberr its fuckin atupid and I wish valve as a company would just lose its market share at this point.

Its a portal for game jam to have a memory leak and the content that is good on there I can get on gog. Not too much of a point to steam existing anymore, nor valve, and thatbisba fact. Some might argue for cs and dota, but dota died when it became a marketing campaign and cs hasn't been a game since 2009. If anyone if going to take them seriously they need to seriously step up their game and hire some people on to dev games. Or do what I have been saying for years and gove the games to the community. Its the knlybreason tf2 is even around anymore.
Either they need to stop, or that guy who said he was going to kill gaben needs to get on it already.

I still find CSGO quite fun. The skill cap is insane. The game is fun for noobs all the way up to full time professionals. We sometime manages to get a team of five friends together and play some matches online, which is the preferred way to play the game. Matchmaking is based on skill and not maturity, so there is a quite big chance of getting into a game with intolerable teammates.

I also like the esport side of the game. The games are exciting and the presentation is getting quite good.

To bad the game runs quite bad on Linux.

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