Remedy Games has obtained publishing rights to Alan Wake

Alan Wake copyrights have been held by Remedy Games but the publishing rights were held by Microsoft.

Which meant Microsoft had to approve any sequel.

The good news [Source VG247] is Remedy Games now have rights to publishing Alan Wake.

Source how about the Creative Director of Remedy Games Sam Lake:

Does this mean we could finally get a sequel to Alan Wake?

It is possible now. I think it’ll be a little bit before we get news of a sequel.

Since I’m the person who is posting this news. I ask all you participate to not talk about or bring up the Epic store. It has nothing to do with the news about the publishing rights being obtained by Remedy Games for Alan Wake.


As far as I know, remedy could have always made an Alan Wake 2. I think Microsoft only had exclusive console rights for their systems. I think it is a matter of funding the project for an Alan Wake 2. Remedy seems to be working on two other games right now, one is Control, and the other is for some Korean game studio.

In 2012 Remedy released a PC port of Alan Wake on Steam. I don;t think Microsoft had anything to do with it. But the PC port was taken down to do some legal issues with licensed music expiration. But Remedy solved those issues and brought the game back to Steam recently. The game in 70% off on Steam right now:

It works on Proton too. Though there are a few minor graphical issues for me.

Nope. Microsoft had 100 percent publishing rights. Including a possible sequel. In fact Remedy had pitched a sequel to Microsoft but they turned it down but liked the tech demo and asked if Remedy could make a game with those effects instead. Which is how we got Quantum Break.

This is an interesting story. Microsoft permission had to be sought to bring to Steam and GOG. More interesting is you have Microsoft to thank for the licensing music deal being able to be renewed and bring back Alan Wake.

Since the news has broke about this publishing right. Remedy has clarified this means they could bring Alan Wake to other platforms. They don’t want people taking this to mean they are making a sequel right now. They could though now bring it to the PS4 or maybe even the Switch.


Yeah Microsoft had the publishing rights, but remedy always owned the IP for Alan Wake. I believe Microsoft owns the IP for Quantum Break, though. Alan Wake really wasn’t a very big hit on the 360 either.

I remember seeing media for this game back in 2005 or 2006 (something like that) with the prototype running on the newest iteration of their Max-FX engine. The game was originally going to be a open world survival game, kind of like Silent Hill. With day and night cycles and being able to explore the town and woods. They even showed it off at some Intel event for the Q6600, or something like that.

But Microsoft came in and funded development of the game, they also made it an Xbox360 exclusive. The game was also scaled down to be more like the first two Max Payne games in gameplay progression. They were limited by the 360’s 512MB of RAM. Max Payne 2 from 2003 on the PC recommended 512MB of memory. Alan Wake was released in 2009. It’s like a slower paced Max Payne with a survival horror element. It’s a good game still. It was received well as a 360 game, but wasn’t a big hit.

It does make the most sense that remedy had to get permission from Microsoft for the PC port that was released in 2012. Which is the best way to play this game, since you can run it at 4K and 120fps. Also plays well with a keyboard and mouse. This version actually sold really well on PC. I think Steamspy marked it as selling about four million copies on that platform or so. Then there is also the GOG sales. But the game was de-listed in 2017 because of some music licensing issues. But it has returned.

Now that Remedy has the publishing rights, I think they should just remaster this game and release it on current gen consoles, Switch and even release a new PC remaster? Maybe they could contact Nightdive Studios?

Now if only they can get Max Payne back and Quantum Break.


Remedy getting Max Payne back would be amaznig.

While Max Payne 3 ended with a closed ending, I could see Max coming out of retirement, and helping bring down crime lords.

Sorta like a passing of the mantle.