Reliable wireless router

God I am sick of routers. Constantly needing to be reset-- and some just flat out don't work. I'm tired of buying one after another and seeing them all fail at keeping a stable connection both wired and wireless. Anyone have a particular model to recommend?

If your router is constantly disconnecting no matter what.. maybe its your ISP?

I've had issues with routers, especially D-Link stuff in the past. I bought a fairly pricy, well to me at the time anyway, Netgear router and it has been 100% solid for the time I've had it, which is IIRC since before the PS3 came out. It's a Netgear RangeMAX WPN824v2.

But yeah, have you checked if your ISP is consistent? Is your signal good? Do you have interference? Isn't there a switch built into the modem supplied by your ISP? Have you tried hooking your PC straight into the port of the modem?

I work for a company that does home networking and such. Havent Had any problems thus far with these