Regular BSOD's while playing BF4, Help!

Hey guys so recently I started getting blue screens literally every single time I play Battlefield 4. The error is usually either "uncorrectable hardware error" or "IRQL not less or equal". Sometimes this happens when playing CS:GO for extended periods of time but I cannot even get through 10 minutes of a BF4 game before I get the BSOD.

My initial guess was high temps in my CPU or possibly my GPU but I've had this rig since November and I've been playing the same games since I got my rig and these problems arose only recently. I tried playing BF4 with the side panel removed from my case to let heat escape and still get BSODs just as fast. I also recently updated to the latest AMD Catalyst drivers and tried re-installing them but the problem remains.

I'm running an FX-8350 and GIGABYTE R9 280X on an ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0 mobo with a stock cpu cooler and nothing overclocked. The gigabyte r9 280x is designed to run up to 72 C so I don't think the source of the problem lies there but I've seen my 8350 go well over 65 C on pretty much every BF4 occasion, even with 4 Xigmatek fans on my case.  A friend also suggested that the M5A97 LE 2.0 board is just not enough to handle components like the 3GB 280x and 8350 in the first place and that I should just upgrade. Anyone else having similar problems? 


Could be the board, psu or gpu, even your ram Are you able to test your components in mates builds? Its the easiest way to weed out faulty components.

Your mate is right is saying your board isnt suited to your cpu even at stock clocks (very weak power delivery), but wrong in that it isnt enough to handle a 280x.

It would be worth the investment in a 990fx board regardless of what the problem turns out to be.