Regarding the new Zweihänder album

There are already some really cool cover of metal tracks by Synthwave projects... this Death cover is actually really cool imo

Check out this dude's channel in general, he posts a lot of good Synthwave / Darkwave / Outrun tracks pretty much every couple of days, great for discovering new stuff.

@ottowolfgang Check out Mitch Murder & Lost Years (album Black Waves is pretty good) as well.


Been listening to a lot of synthwave recently, and I'm really looking forward to hearing your darkwave album.

Well I can't just ignore you because you have valid points even if most people are happy. I might do a couple re-mixes here and there. I'm pretty happy with the metal-styled tracks... and they took no time to make. Slay the Chopper took three days and Dragons Must Be Lonely took one very long day. So, I might do a quick metal-styled album.

Then I have plenty of 80s/darkwave/Deux Ex inspired stuff already finished that I didn't think fit into this album... here is a sample (not mastered):

So, I'll probably focus on that... and focus on making some more background music for a game... I think many of the current songs are still to busy for a game. Anyway, all types of music will fit into this game... it's going to be a weird one.


@Logan Dude, just to give some feedback on that soundcloud track you posted: I really, really liked the first 30 seconds of it. That shit is my jam. Rest of it was good as well, had a very strong Deus Ex vibe to it. All in all, pretty refreshing if I'm being honest.

Now that I think about it, the first 30 seconds gave me the same kind of vibe that I get from a few tracks on the VA-11 HALL-A soundtrack (especially this one

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@Logan They may or may not necessarily be "too busy for a game", but I guess it really comes down to what kind of game you want to make. For example I think the game Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery has a bunch of odd tracks but the devs did a good job with implementing them into their game (namely "Dark Flute" and "The Prettiest Weed" off the Superbrothers Album)
If you're interested Here's the bandcamp for the Superbrothers Album
and a video of some Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery gameplay if you're not familiar:

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This one's actually quite brilliant. I don't like the opening, I just find it too light and airy, but the transition after that from the quieter piano piece to the more techno sound I personally really liked.

@Pamplemousse Thanks for sharing all of this music, it's pretty damn good.
I really enjoyed Mitch Murder's "Interceptor", especially the music video - thanks for the recommendation.

@Logan, am I wrong, or you said somewhere, that the next album will be reminiscent of Hells Valley? I'm only asking this, because Hells Valley is my favorite song... I'll get the next one on double price if it is as good as Hells Valley.
Slay the Chopper is close second, but second.
Otherwise I am really happy with the album.
@FlamingGlobe, I actually know what you mean. I have noticed it to. I don't mind it at all. I haven't listened to the second one yet. However I have listened to the first one. And this one is much much better for me than the first one. I noticed some similarities and stuff, but it's like Half Life and Half Life 2 for me... The first one is good, and the use of some similar things, like the crowbar and characters and stuff is more like thematic consistency of all albums more than laziness or rushed or something...

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Yep... Hell's Valley is the transition to the next album.


perfect :D

Love the synth lead that comes in at 0:34. Definitely has a megaman vibe to it, and its great with the heavier backing synths.


That kind of gave me a chubby... Ashamed of nothing... Really like the slow heavy ish style...

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Nothing's good until you generate people who don't like it. Food, and art are the same, they're worthless if you try to make something that everyone likes. I like electronic music and I like the album a lot.

I really like the new album. The previous albums had bags of character but this one is so much more cohesive, the harmonies really hold the songs together structurally. Production value also seems better.

I've listened to the whole thing start to finish twice now, and it really is a great musical journey. I felt like the other albums were a collection of somewhat disjointed ideas, this one really feels like all the chapters are from the same book. Fully recommend listening to the whole thing in one sitting if you have the time!

On a more whimsical/silly note; I'm probably influenced by things Logan has said in the past about Zweihänder, but the tracks really conjure up a strange mix of images to me. Like a digital interpretation of an analogue world, or a bizarre medieval fantasy where modern technology is commonplace. Maybe that equals a larp? i'm not sure!

A lot of composers for movie and video game scores do this. John Williams did it in Star Wars, Daft Punk did it in TRON: Legacy, Martin O'Donnell did it in Halo, the list goes on.

I think you just described the game we are working on... in a way.

I just want someone to make Arcanum 2 :(

. . . an awesome, isometric, steampunk, victorian-england-meets-high-fantasy, magical, turned-based, adventure rpg

That game was so epic. Troika Games is gone... and Activision owns the damned rights... so I doubt they will ever do anything with it. Maybe if we make a game or two we will make enough to buy that IP.

Boy am I happy to talk to someone who really enjoyed that game lol. It seemed to be pretty polarizing, with folks either loving it or hating it. Its still one of my favorite PC games.

That would be amazing haha. New Patreon goal - purchase the rights to Arcanum and make Arcanum 2 :D

I think Qain loved it... he knows it better than I do as well.