Regarding the latest inbox, sponsored content

So, I've been following you guys for quite some time and I enjoy your content.

In your latest inbox video you seem to have a very one sided discussion about why you are in the right on the issue of taking money from select companies of the industry you are reviewing. 

Now I don't think you guys are doing any shady business here at all, but please understand that delivering consumer advice on a specific industry while at the same time accepting money from certain segments of that industry is not considered good practice. From your perspective it seems okay because you know that you are (at least not yet) corrupt, but surely you must also consider the standpoint from a consumer seeking your advice as well.

Your argument that companies can just purchase google ads anyway falls flat because there is a huge difference in you personally delivering the message and a youtube ad that pops up, the former is your choice and the latter is out of your control.
(On that matter as well; it is customary to announce that you are about to present sponsored content before presenting it).

Would you take a purchasing decision on a car brand from a guy you know is paid by Ford? 
Are you telling me you would seriously not consider if that advice was legit or not? 
Aren't you in some ways throwing stones in glass houses here when it comes to your past reflections on politicians and lobbyists?

The video game review industry do this a lot, and personally I think its a terrible practice.

Now, I understand I can't ask you to look at both sides of the coin without doing it myself.
I understand you guys can't make a living on well wishes, you need income to do what you do, I just wish you could find another source of income than from the industry you are critiquing.


What happens if you come across a product you wish to absolutely not recommend, yet you find yourself in the situation where you have become dependent on the income from the manufacturer of that product?

Do you just not talk about that product and instead focus on the competitors superior products? 


I don't know, I just see it as a potential path to a place where your advice is no longer taken at face value, and that's a terrible place to be for a reviewer.


Anyway, I threw in a donation your way just for good measure. (I would do a monthly subscription if it means you guys did not have to do hardware sponsorship's).

- Nico / Norway