Regarding Team Fortress 2

If I'm not wrong, tek syndicate has a server for TF2, right? If so, at what times do people usually play? I live on the other side of the world from most of you so I don't wanna come in and see no one around. Also, will it require a lot of bandwidth? 

I can't tell you when they play, neither do I know of a Tf2 server, but that's just because I'm pretty new here myself.

There are some things wich I can tell you non the less:

1. Games don't require a lot of bandwidth generally, but playing on a far away positioned server will hurt your latency (ping) very bad. It may cause you to miss more often, but anything under a ping of 150 is playable for tf2.

2. People play in the evening. Get yourself a time calculator and look what time it is in your place, while it's evening in the western/middle US.

3. Trying doesn't hurt. It takes you 2 minutes to get in game and look up the server, or 20 seconds if you're already playing. You won't waste much time.

Hope it helped!