Reference Radeon HD 6900 coolers?

I have spent the better half of the last 3 years searching for ANY original AMD designed Radeon HD 6900 cards. I have pretty much come to the conclusion that they didn't SELL them with the flame design, which is really a shame.

It has to be my favorite design as far as GPU coolers go, and that's saying a lot since I've handled the ever sexy GTX 690. (It's flashy and all, but the minimalism of the 6900 cards win me over every time.)

And in my defeat I come here. I just have to know, has ANYONE seen a purely AMD design HD6900 series card?

For those who may not know what I'm talking about, this right here. ("this" being the flame-lick graphic on the reference box cooler.)

Dont see why youed whant one of those as thay sound like vacuum cleaners but...


Ah, now that's close. You missed one thing though, and that is that I'm talking about the graphic that is ON the plastic. See, all the third parties added stickers over the plastic face. Therefore, you don't find the original AMD graphic on the coolers, despite that most review sites were sent cards that HAD the flame-lick graphic. AMD made some of those cards with that graphic on the box, my mission is to find one. 

And yes, I've already considered that they sound like vacuums. I don't want the cooler to BE a cooler, I just want the box with the original graphic.