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Reddit User Reports Recieving Fallout 76 Support Tickets



tldr; Reddit user u/Jessiepie posted on r/fo76 that they are receiving people’s support tickets with personal information.

According to a comment by one of the subreddits “mods” the post contained a photo proving the authenticity and asked the user to edit the post so the photo would be removed, because it contained peoples personal information. Besides the fact some people might have already screenshotted the picture or get it back some other way, this is potentially more bad news added onto the Fallout 76 release.

IDK about Oh, Ubusoft, but OH, Bethesda

Wow this ball keeps in rolling. In Europe this is a pretty serious GDPR breach potentially. Someone points out in reddit that the fine for such could wipe profits for the company for the year.


Because of course it does…


~s~Is this the same as this:

Yes, yes it is.~/s~

Posting for @psycho_666 he has linked this article:


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Oh that would be juicy.
I’m at work so can’t watch it, but I will later…


I used to look forward to a new Elder Scrolls but now I’m really not interested, thanks to things like this.


Bethesda is the gift that keeps on giving. I hope these stories become lessons for other companies.


They won’t… They didn’t became lessons for Bethesda. Remember payed mods? You know Bethesda still having them?
They don’t learn from their own mistakes, not to mention someone else’s.


Gimme a G.
Gimme a D.
Gimme a P.
Gimme an R.

What does that spell. MEGA FINES!


They don’t have an actual IT platform like real companies. Gaming Industry needs some bloody ITIL training I swear.


The payed mods were not a bad thing. The issue, is that people stole mods from the nexus and re-uploaded them to Bethesda’s platform and there were no tools in place to dispute the fraudulent offenders.