Red velvet cake in a.... Rice cooker

This makes a near perfect, small red velvet cake.
1. Cut out wax paper to line the bottom of the cooker, and place it inside.
2. using cake mix, mix together 1 cup of the dry ingredients and the rest proportionally as instructed on the box.
3. pour half of the cake batter into the rice cooker, and just turn it on. Wait about 10 minutes after it kicks off before opening it to let it finish cooking. Pull out this layer, then repeat for the other half of the batter.
4. stack them and add icing. Done.

Picture of one of the layers:


Looks great! I recall my mother using a crock pot to 'bake' a cake. It was also red velvet cake along with some cherries in there, came out amazing. With the crock pot it was approximately 3 or 4 hours though, the cake was amazingly moist but baked and the flavor of the cherries had sunk in as well.

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So I came to the tek to get my tech on! but this is just brilliant :D