Red faction Guerilla steam lan?

i have purchased red faction guerrilla from steam and i tried to copy it to a different computer, it didnt have the steam .exe file so i assumed this would work fine without steam. but it gave me a load error and did not launch. so i installed steam and it decided to ask me to buy it, is there any way to get this to work i would really like to lan it without buying 2 copies, thats rediculous.

log onto ur acc into the other comp and dl it... i dont think u can play wit urself... lolz..

ok well that didnt make much sense, i need it on two computers, which i have. and it wont launch on the second.

Dude just log into your steam account on the second computer and download it again, i have all my steam games on 4 different computers Mine, dads, mums, aunties.   but in order to play them you need to be logged onto your steam account.

ok but will i be able to log on to the two computer at once and play?


You may be able to, but most games require an online activation kind of thing with steam.

Buying games from Steam

This is your problem.

k well i agree with you, but would it be considered illegal if i torrent it after buying it? i thought you could back it up like that if you purchased it.

If you have a valid serial key it's considered legal.

If your trying to open it on two computers at the same time technically that's piracy but yea since u bought from steam you would have to torrent it.

It's not really piracy. Because he is using it for his own domestic use, and it states in the Copyright, Design, and Patents Act. That if you use a program, movie, music etc. for your own domestic use, and don't make for sale or hire, it is considered legal.

Having pirated (modded/cracked) software in your computer is illegal. no matter who uses it. it's possession of stolen property.

if you torrent a game and then use a valid serial key, most of the time it's legal (depending on how strict the game publishers are).

when you buy a game, you don't own the game. it's not your property. you are simply purchasing a "license" to use the game. 1 license per person per computer. (but we all don't really give a damn)

if you ask me you should be able to lan it on more than one pc if you bought it, even if you just bought one copy. Who the fuck buys 3 of the same game just to lan? nobody. If i were you i would torrent it but theres no garuntees that lan will even work on a torrented copy of the game, it does use GFWL so you may be forced to log in to even lan.

im pretty sure that act does not apply to him.

Just make your mate "person you want to lan with" buy it done do there dirty work~!

Let me fill you in on the goodies because most of you haven't read the big wall of text when you're purchasing games over Steam.

You are not buying the game itself. You are purchasing a license to play the game. Even though you can download the game, this does not qualify as ownership of a game, but a lease to play the game using your license.

In order to use the software (game) you would require a license from the publisher to use a lease of their software you downloaded.

In example. 1 copy of a Game would require 1 valid license through Steam, but if you go out and purchase these said games;

You get a physical copy of the game that has includes a license and the liberty to install it on multiple computers.

Playing the game, however depends on the type of security the developers encoded in the software/game.

If you have purchased the physical copy of the game and have a valid license to play the game to its fullest, you are entitled to lend your copy to another person.

This is called legal sharing. As long as he uses your license to play the game, it's perfectly legal to a degree.

As a person, you are entitled to use your license as you please so it would be logical to let others use your license if they wish to play as well.

Physical Copy Gaming
Install depends on read and write speed of optical drive/hard drive
Install on any number of computers (Unless it has DRM lol)
Download No DVD cracks if needed
Play over a LAN between your friends and you only
Have fun

Steam Copy Gaming
Download depends on how much you pay per Internet/the availability of ISP's/servers in your area.
Install on any number of computers that have Steam installed.
No more than 1 instance of that account can be online at a time.
Invite no one over because you can't host a LAN because you bought a game on Steam

Steam - The Cancer Killing PC Gaming.

Back when 1 copy of Counter Strike can be played by all of your friends as long as you have enough ports on your router/hub.

Now, greedy corporations like Valve and Steam have polluted our gaming society with their never ending hunger for money.

Also, lol @ people thinking I hate on Steam/Valve for the sake of trolling xDDDD you're so naive.


Steam - The Cancer Killing PC Gaming."

i thought that you said amd/ati was the cancer killing pc gaming

Thanks for the help, i think i agree that me downloading a game i own and using the key steam gave me is perfectly legal. im not distributing it, im just Laning it, i own 4 computers and play with my friends. so this is important to me.