Recovery Media for Windows 8 with Bing?

Does anyone know where can i get my hands on a recovery ISO of Windows 8.1 with Bing?
My tablet refuses to boot with and error code 0x00000225 )
I Bought an Intel atom based tablet recently. I was playing around with it, even got Fedora running on it ( although it wasn't very useful, no wireless, no sensors and no video acceleration ), removed the recovery partition, since it was 6gb on a 16gb internal memory chip, and i think that fuged the windows boot process.

I did make a recovery drive before i start hacking on the thing, but it seems like something went wrong with it, I can't boot it ( error code 0x00000185 ), so i tried with regular windows 8 disk, but it could not repair boot automatically, so i tried it manually with the command line.
bootrec /rebuildbcd didn't work, and bcdboot fails to complete the operation.

I could install a regular windows, but i don't want to buy another copy of windows for this.

You'll have to track down the recovery media from the manufacturer, seeing that you won't have access to the product key. If you knew the product key, then you could have downloaded a new ISO using the information provided in this site:

The problem is a bit deeper, even if i would to retrieve the product key, that would do me no good, since there is no publicly available windows 8.1 with Bong Bing recovery medium.
I have a number of windows licences, so pretty much have all the install medium that a mere mortal can get his hands on, but those do me no good in the current situation

Sorry for not adding to the topic but I'm just pmsl at this.

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