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Recovering SMS on Lollipop from Kitkat


Hi, I was running Kitkat on a very low spec phone (ZTE Kis 3). I put Lollipop on to it (using, managed to get contacts and calendar dates back but not my messages or call lists. I did backups on Kitkat which are sms.vmsg amongst other things but can’t get them to install. I’ve tried using SMS Backup and Restore but that doesn’t recognise the files.

I did look for a possible copy of the software I used to backup originally, so that maybe I could use that to restore, but no luck so far.

I realised a site I wanted to use insists that I verify their mobile app with them and it only works with 5 or above. This is sort of a progression from my other thread about Whatsapp not working properly. This has got me in a corner now and I have to get a new phone eventually, I’d just like to get my messages back and accessible before I take the inevitable plunge.