Recover Data from undetected drive

My uncle gave me his Seagate 3TB drive that failed to try to recover data off of it. It spins on then makes a strange noise like the arm is stuck then it spins down. It does not show up in the bios. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of experience with this problem and could share it with me.

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That was informative. SO I checked to make sure it wasn't still under warranty then I opened the drive up and all of the sliders where in place and the arm just kept going back and forth until the drive spun down.

hmm sounds like something is wrong with the arms. TBH I'm no drive expert, but something wrong with that mechanism is pretty serious. It might be possible to be replaced, but you would need to somehow get the part, and unless the data on the drive is worth it that much I wouldn't recommend it. Unless! you want to do this as a learning exercise.