Recommended Studio Subwoofer

Hey there other audiophiles, I was just wondering if anyone had a cheapish studio subwoofer that they could recommend. Currently I'm using a pair of yamaha hs50m studio monitors connected to a Native Instrument Kontrol 1 audio interface.

I had used also the Yamaha HS50m some time ago, together with two studiolive 18sAI It had worked quit well. sadly a half year ago one of the 18sAl had died.

Now I'm running the system 4 THX from Teufel. For me it sounds much better than the yamahas together with the 18sAl. even the Teufel-system it is not intend for studio use.

What's your budget? I head to velodyne and wharfedale for my subwoofers.

Have you considered the matching HS8S? We need a budget though. Subs are really tricky to incorporate for reference and accuracy. They create more problems than they solve most of the time because while you can treat a room down to 60 hertz with the right equipment, you really can't do much for anything below that unless your room is very large. I used to use a KRK RP10s and it was shit. Avoid if possible.


Unfortunately I am a college student with alot to lose when it comes to money, but I have looked at the yamaha hs8s as a choice. If I were to get a subwoofer though it would have to be sometime during my break period so I guessing that I may have about $200 to work with when I get the cash flowing into my bank account.