Recommended response time

I am looking to buy a good IPS monitor but I wanted to know what others suggested for a required response time. I mostly play games like Dota 2 and Starcraft 2. I also play some single player games like skyrim and Fallout. Do I need to limit myself to the 5ms monitors or would a slower response be fine say 7ms or even 14ms?

8ms and below should be just fine for games.

most AH-ips panels are perfectly fine for gaming, 5ms respons time doesn´t say it all, most ips panels are 14ms GTG in general. i odered a Philips ips 27inch with 7 ms smart respons time, but 14ms GTG, i looked at the specs of most LG ips monitors, because allmost every ips monitor arround use LG ips panels inside. they had 5ms smart respons time, and also 14ms GTG. so basicly the response time is the same, you can also use overdrive mode if you like, for personal shooters. most ips panels should have sort kind of feuture. Tomorrow my new monitor will be delivered i can´t wait. ☺

Thanks I never new about that before. Hope you enjoy your new monitor. :)