Recommended me a cross platform markdown editor

I’m looking at this one:

But am open to suggestions. I’m so used to writing everything in markdown I just want a lightweight editor for everything from composing notes to short documents.

PDF export is a plus.

VS Code?


I use Remarkable.


There’s an add on which does a live side by side render of the mark down as you write it.

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this deserves a try for the name alone :+1:

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Atom works fine too. That´s what I´ve been using. It tries to be a little like Visual Studio Code. But it works well as a markdown editor. And that´s all I ever use it for. You don´t need to install anything either. It comes with the markdownview (plugin?) out of the box.

It also has git integration. Would not be a bad idea to use that. But I´ve always just put my markdown notes into dropbox until now. Would not necessarily recommend that part, since they have dropped Linux support. I´ll probably try nextcloud some time or just use gitlab.

That would also work. :smiley: Never really gave it a try for that pupose. Since atom is now basically my dedicated markdown editor. It always opens the only folder I ever use with it. If nothing else that´s more convinient than using VS Code for that imo.

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I use Atom for most other things. Is there a way to have these in Atom?

Both Atom and VS are not as lightweight as I was hoping for, but if either are the best solution, then that’s fine.

Double click on one file for text view, right click => markdownview on it again. If it isn´t in split screen view already, witch it does for me by default when it´s empty before, you move it.

There is nothing you have to install for the side by side view to work.

About PDF export, I´m not sure never needed it. For me the point of markdown notes is that they are simple plain text files that need no space. I don´t send it to other people usually. They are note for me, by me.

But there is this

Never tried it.


It’s like atom but more stable (from my experience at least). Good support from Microsoft, lots of good plugins too.

I know, but I put it into the “developement tools” bin for me. I like to have a seperate program for note taking, so that it opens the folder right away where my notes are. (as I said already)

Git uses markdown for readme files and so forth. That´s probably the main reasons these editors have good markdown support.

Thinking about what I just wrote… Gitlab can render and edit markdown files! :open_mouth: Oh my gosh, why did I never think about that? That might just make it that much better compared to dropbox, nextcloud & co! Viewing it on mobile without needing a program or anything.