Recommended Keyboards?

So right now I own a DASkeyboard which I bought used at /r/hardwareswap for something like $60-70, a great deal indeed. I now have a laptop now, which I'd like to do a lot of typing on, either at home or away. So for the occasions when I am at home, and unable to use my main system, I need a keyboard.

I'd prefer if I could get a tenkeyless, along with silent switches (mechanical is a must). Since I'd be typing, would MX Browns work? The DAS has blues, and family complains that it's too loud, so I need a quieter keyboard for the laptop.

Many thanks,


This be great for you. And yes MX browns are great for typing since you can still feel the keys as you are typing just without the noise! Hope that helped.

Thank you standoff!

No problem dude!