Recommended 1440p Monitor

Hey guys! I've been looking into getting a bigger monitor from my two 1080p monitors for awhile and figured a 1440p would be perfect. I'm not looking to getting a 1600p monitor, I don't like mixing aspect ratios, and I might use this monitor as my primary gaming/game recording monitor eventually and I don't like taking a 16:10 aspect ratio and changing it to 16:9 for YouTube, I'd prefer to keep it 16:9.

I'm primarily going to be using this monitor for Premiere, After Effects, and Photoshop, not so much for gaming, not right now at least. I want to know what would be the best monitor for that sort of thing. I also need it to go through a mini-display port. I don't know too much about monitors and wanted your guys' opinions. I was looking at the Korean monitors that were featured on the channel awhile ago but a generally $700-$800 monitor for $300 just seems to be to good to be true. Final specification is if it can be 27"!

Thanks for any future replies!

If you dont want one of the Korean monitors like the x star 


Amazing monitor, ticks all the boxes. Whereas cheaper units might lack quality in certain areas e.g wobbly stand.

That looks perfect... Thanks! I'll see if any other recommendations come up but this looks perfect as far as I can tell. Probably won't be able to get it for at least a month though.

I got the PB278Q  for myself, it´s just an amazing monitor.

Everything looks very sharp and the colors are displayed correctly.

For me as a hardcore gamer, i can´t tell any lag from the panel.

The alternative would be the Dell U2713HM, but I heard from some guys that the power supply is whining.

So you can´t get wrong with the PB278Q.



Definitely the pb278q!!! I had some reservations about the cheap Korean monitors too so I picked up a Asus and don't regret spending the extra 200 at all.

Highly depends on your budget. If you dont mind matt screens, I would recommend the Asus PB278q. I have its bigger brother the PA279Q. The panels are vertually identical since they are both highly accurate, IPS 1140p displays. The difference in price for around 200-300, mainly comes from validation and a few other professional high grade bells and whistles and 99.99% of people will not ever need. If $300 is all you can afford, easily go for the Korean monitors. They are extremely good value for what they are. However, they are not the best, especially for colour reproduction, not to mention I'm pretty sure they have gloss screens. They are just low cost good monitors for what they are, but not great. If you can afford ut, go for the PB278Q. But whatever you get, make sure it's an IPS panel and NOT a TN panel as TNs have horrible colour reproduction is favor of extremely fast refresh rates. Not relevant since you are not gaming on it. The colour accuracy of an IPS is what you want.
The only other thing I would add is just how gorgeous my PA279Q is. Highly recommended IF you have the budget if not the small brother I said before would also be good. Just type into google 27" IPS. Most will be just fine.