Recommendation for a low-low-budget 1080p Gaming Monitor

The now 10 or so year old Samsung Monitor my wife got from me is finally going away. It’s randomly turning off now.

I want to replace it. My wife is mostly gaming and watching streams on her PC. She is completely insensitive to Picture quality. She just doesn’t care AT ALL. I don’t understand that, but oh well.

Her PC is rocking a 1050ti, which is currently pushing the 1080p monitor well. I won’t go higher than 1080p. The current screen is 24 inches, and i’m 99% that we’ll keep it at that size.
I’d like to give a little treat to her with a 144Hz Panel. Since those have become rediculously cheap. I personally also think, the monitor should have at least hight adjustment.

I’ve been looking at the Acer XF240H but am open to suggestions. Also, since we are talking nvidia, is there anything that’s freesync with G-Sync compatibility in the low-end range? Not a requirement but would be nice for the games where she can’t reach 144 FPS.

So yeah, what screen would you recommend?

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I had a similar dilemma some time ago…
The ACER monitor is good and all, but there are quite a few complaints about it from customers and the ACER panels are usually not great picture quality wise…
AOC G2460PF is a freesync 144Hz 24" TN panel…
I chose that monitor, but then I moved towards 1440p and then I had to give all my money to my dad, so the monitor is not an option right now…
Anyways, check the AOC as well. A lot of good reviews…


99 bucks
Don’t know if you need speakers or not

looks like a good one but OP mentioned 144Hz.

This one is 179
He also said he is open to suggestions, 144 is numbers on a box. unboxing a 27 or 32 inch screen on a tight budget has a certain wow factor.