Recommend me a PSU 7870 Crossfire

I just bought a second 7870 to crossfire. I currently have a Corsair CX500 PSU.

Which PSU do you guys recommend? I know 600 watts is the minimum or something, but I don't want to skimp out and have problems. I want something solid. Looking for something under 100$ Thank you all!

-FX 8350

-8gb Corsiar Vengeance RAM

-120gb SSD

-500gb HDD

-1tb HDD


-2x 7870's awaiting crossfire Great quality and has a good amount of headroom :)

That is a good choice thanks. How about this one?

80 plus Gold, and fully modular. How is nzxt at making pus's? I like there cases that for sure.

that NZXT hale is nice ☺

Ty, just what the doctor ordered.:)