Recommend me a gpu

I need a gpu for the system i just made, my price range is up to 170 canadian. im thinking of the gtx 650 ti. my build is : cpu: amd fx 4300 3.8ghz quad core , 8gb of 1600mhz RAM, 430 watt power supply , The gtx 750ti is a pretty solid card, doesnt use a lot of power and has pretty decent performance:) 

I'd go with this 750 Ti for $150:

Usually, I'd recommend an R7 265 over the 750 Ti as in the US they are very similar in price, but it appears in Canada the R7 is $20 more expensive. Still within your budget, but I don't think it's worth it.

I'll reinforce what has already been said. The best GPU in that price bracket is the R7 265 followed by the GTX 750ti. The 650ti isn't nearly as good as either one of those.

If you pick the 750ti make sure you pick a card that has the 6pin PCIe power. Some models use so little power they don't require it but the models that have it over clock a little better from what I've seen.

+1 for the R7-265. R7-260X would be my second choice, which trades blows with the 750ti. The 750ti is also a great card at this price point, but I simply prefer AMD GPUs. If you like Nvidia, by all means go for the 750ti. :)