Recommend an "off-line" FPS

Please recommend a "somewhat" realistic FPS/TPS that can be played casually "off-line", either with an engaging campaign mode or a simulated bots mode.

My internet connection is pretty crap so online multiplayer isn't an option as it's just entire games of lag.

I'd prefer a objective based game rather than exploration/survival, ie a Battlefield/Battlefront over a Skyrim/Fallout, and I'd appreciate graphics over physics, so not Counterstrike.

PC is of decent spec, i7-4770K, ASUS STRIX GTX 970 4GB.



I would have to second crysis
also if you are all right with a 3rd person view
spec ops the Line is pretty good though a bit short
Then there is Shadow Warrior which is just mobs of enemies but pretty linear.
You could also try out BioShock Infinite a bit survival but still pretty linear.
On that note you could also try Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light a bit of survival but pretty linear story.


Definitely the Crysis games. I'll also second Bioshock and Metro games. I liked the Far Cry games. They are open, but I find them easier to manage over a game like Fallout/Skyrim.

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well you can play open arena online with a dial-up connection. so you internet can't be that terrible, can it?

I'm really into Metro at the moment. Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light. They're pretty realistic, slightly survival horror-esque. The story and atmosphere are pretty interesting so far, but they are a little more slow-paced than Crysis, which I would also recommend (after only playing the first one).

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Thanks for the suggestions guys, I think I'll start with Crysis.

Anyone tried Wolfenstein : New World Order?

The new order is an awesome game.


Deus Ex! Human Revolution and the original are both really good :)

Don't expect to be really impressed with the story. Its a campy, but massively fun shoot em up with the best gunplay I have seen in a game in years. I hope you like killing nazi's.

Oh yeah, Wolfenstein is awesome. It is 50gb though. Wolfenstein from 2009 isn't bad either IMO. It's definitely worth playing. It's got some really neat ideas.

These next two aren't realistic, but they are some of the best shooters that you can play. I was skeptical at first but OH MY FUCKIN' GOD these games are so damn good. Hard Reset and Shadow Warrior. Shadow Warrior in particular might be my favorite FPS of all time.

Then there are wild west shooters such as Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood and Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. Gunslinger is better and highly replayable, but I enjoyed both games very much. They're so overlooked and underrated. They both have very fun campaigns. Gunslinger is especially very amusing in that regard. Very unique.

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I don't play much any more. I am old and I call myself an X-Gamer.
Last year WOLFENSTEIN: THE NEW ORDER was my GOTY. It was the only game I finished.
Then I played it again to see the alternate storyline.
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is really good too. It is very short, but any game where you kill Nazi Robots and they burst into flame and become Flaming Nazi Zombie Robots that you have to kill a second time, can't possibly be bad.

I really enjoyed Crysis 2 in New York City. However the game is so hard I had to GODMODE cheat in order to finish. Booo Hiss, I hear you saying. I could barely get past the 1st level and really wanted to see the end.

Bioshock 1 is awesome and BS infinite was good. FarCry3 is cool too.

Oh yes, I forgot the new Wolfenstein games. Those were probably better than any of the other games I listed.

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You can try out the Metro games (2033 and Last light)

Brutal Doom

Yes, it is not bad. Although I would recommend Return to Castle Wolfenstein instead. I have not played the first game.

I would also have to recommend Soldier of Fortune, Red Faction, Quake, Doom 1 & 2, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Slave Zero.

Thanks for all of the suggestions guys.

Dues Ex: Human Revolution I completely forgot I had and never played, and I ended up buying the two Metro games for €7.49 off Steam today, which should scratch the FPS itch for now. Crysis and Wolfenstein will be my next FPS shooters after that.

Now it's just a toss up between Shadow of Mordor and Witcher 3 for TPRP

BF4 has a campaign mode, I have DSL BTW and I kinda like playing offline anyhow.


Plenty of good recent shooters available through gog, for "offline" play in every sense of the word. :D

Specifically though, for old school style run and gun fun, give the 2013 remake of Rise of The Triad a go.