Recommend a wifi card with Linux support for creating an access point

Hi, I'm looking for some kind of wifi expansion card that works well under Linux to turn my Desktop PC into a wireless router if at all possible. I basically need to be able to set up a 2.4 ghz wifi that uses my PCs Ethernet connection to get internet access on connected devices. If any of you guys know good hardware for the job and maybe a good tutorial or some other reading material on how to set something like that up it'd be appreciated. The hardware doesn't really have to be awesome, I don't need a lot of range, I don't need to connect more than 3 devices anytime soon and I'll be happy if I get enough transfer rate to watch some 720p youtube on connected devices, so I'm hoping that I can get something like that on the cheap.

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There's basically three steps to setting that up.
1. Install a WiFi card.
2. Somehow pipe your internet through the card.
3. Run a DHCP server on the computer.

There's a cool writeup on the Arch wiki:

Atheros WiFi cards are typically well supported when you want to do strange things with WiFi because a lot of the functionality is in software. I think a card based in the AR9280 chipset would work for you. Intel cards typically do more in hardware, meaning that you can't muck with the functionality as much :)

Also, the Raspberry Pi 3 can do this with its built-in WiFi. I haven't used it for more than 1 client at a time so you would need to verify that first, though.

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Just for posterity, in the end I decided to get a USB Wifi Adpater instead because I plan on replacing my desktop with an SFF mITX build soon and PCI/PCIe slots on that platform are obviously very limited. was a very useful resource in finding suitable devices with good driver support in the kernel. In the end I got a TP-Link TL-WN722N. Was cheap as dirt, performs well and I had my access point going in less than a minute.

most devices supporting ac(i believe the standard is called) will do, atleast if you're running hostapd on linux, not sure how well window$ handles hosting a AP sorry.
720p requires little bandwidth so mainly its about comfort on your home network e.g. transferring files and so on if you want large bandwidths.