Recommend a GPU?

Hello everyone, I was just wondering which GPU I should use, I have an older Acer Aspire M3900 Desktop with 8gb of ram, it's decent for now, I'm planning to upgrade to a much better (AMD 6300 or 8350) based desktop around christmas for streaming and whatnot. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a GPU that is compatible with my current computer Acer Aspire M3900 and may be able to go with my next build? Im trying to keep this under $200.

I tried adding this card MSI NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 2GB GDDR3 VGA/DVI/HDMI Low Profile PCI-Express Video Card N610GT-MD2GD3/LP which caused some weird horizontal blue lines on my screen so I don't think it was compatible, I'm running windows 7 and I have a 300W PSU.

those horizontal blue lines aren't caused because it isnt compatible because if it fits its compatible, it's because the card wasnt running stable because of some reason or because the cable was broken if you used vga, the gpu is broken

and i think the best card i can advise you is the 750ti because with a 300W psu you arent going to run top of the line gpu's. but with a 750 ti you can game a bit you arent going to max out a lot of games but look up some benchmarks and see if you think its a good card for you

I've had a 750Ti for awhile now and you are spot on. Will not set the world on fire, but I can play most games on low to medium settings. It is all in what you expect and what you are used to. I am building a new rig now and am beefing up the power supply to ensure if I ever want to run dual cards. Or just one high end card which I plan to run a  Sapphire 290x Tri-X Vapor.  

If you have the stock PSU I would consider upgrading that prior to any significant GPU upgrade.

A 750Ti would be a good match for the system you have, although that power supply isn't going to allow anything more than that...A 760 would run a LOT better than the 750, IF you had a power supply that would let it work.  As far as your lines on your screen, that's probably an issue with your cable, or your (probably old and close to burnt out) power supply just isn't delivering very clean power.  Do you have weird pops coming out your audio?  This could help indicate a transformer or other part in your power supply is having some issues.  Horizontal lines are indicative of something called ingress, which is caused mainly by bad cables allowing outside noise to enter into the signal, its pretty hard to find the source without physically being there, but the cable, and power supply are two common culprits (junk power supply creating noisy environment, cable not shielding it correctly).