Reccommended Software For Pixel Art?


I want to get into pixel art and would love to know what kind of software I should start with??




i reccomend gimp, photoshop, (it's a program not a website), these are what i use (i use all of them, sometimes all at once, but you don't need more than 1) but for just pixel are you might be fine with paint

another program you should try out is hexels

GIMP is definitely the best free software; most features, easiest, most extendable.


A square sponge, paint and a white wall should do the trick. If you are willing to spend a bit more you could get a ruler, but it's optional. 

Aseprite! It's open source and made just for pixel art!

I agree with IIIGamebrakrIII even though I experienced a nasty bug on linux.

Thank you Guys for all the feed back! Very much appreciated!

I found a couple of really good links with lists of programs that you could use.


Personally I would recommend Paint.NET or Pyxel Edit, they are two really great programs I have dabbled in.

Microsoft Paint... You already have it!

i like twisted brush pro and corel painter.

currently i use gimp 2 for the quick and dirty texture creations i do.


No layers, no animations.

Minecraft, I'm being serious.

If you're still interested in software for Pixel art, I use GraphicsGale for the most part. You can get it for free and it has lots of features.

one of my favourites being a zxspectrum fan is zxpaintbrush, you get some of the features you expect from a windows based atr package and colour clash too

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