Rebuilding PC (First timer)

Good morning all.

I am some what of a newbie when it comes to computers, mostly gamed on them and never though about the goings on in the inside.

I have since taken all of the component out of my base unit and am hoping to replace them with new shiney parts, but am stuck with what to use, what are compatable with each other and getting a good deal on price.

I was hoping you guys can throw a few suggestions my way for me to look into, it would be greatly appreciated.

Some of the compnents I noted down below are what i had in my computer and want to upgrade from:-

XFX Radeon HD 6950 Graphics Card
1 x Kingston KVR13NS8/4 1.5v RAM
ASRock N68C-GSFX Motherboard
MOD Xtreme Pro Power Supply 700W (wanting a silenced one to stop the wife from complaning)
CPU - I belive this to be just a standard AMD one, nothing fancy.

Sorry for the lack of information.

Thanks again,


Maybe just keep the 4GB of ram and sell off the rest. Will save you a few $$$, then just buy another 4GB for your next build. 8GB is fine the the majority of mainstream systems.
The motherboard although being AM3 and having compatibility with newer 8 core FX chips (via a BIOS update) it will be a hand grenade and fire hazard.
Maybe take off the heatsink so you can see what cpu you have.

Thanks deejeta.

Budget will be about £500 (Approx $800)

Problem with my CPU is it hasnt had much maintenance and therefor has fused with the heat sync due to the thermal paste. will need to spend some time detatching it i think! + the 4gb of ddr3 ram from old pc.

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Thank you again, this has helped a lot.

Here I've built another version of deejatas build

It has a better cpu but slightly worse motherboard. However that shouldnt really matter as you wont be ocing with either cpu (non K).

The GPUs are about the same and I suggest you make use the 4gb stick you have to make 8gb of ram. make extra sure they are the same sticks though so you dont run into compatibility errors.

Also the case I've picked isn't as good as deejetas but its still a very good case for the price and deejeta included fans which i haven't.

Finally i suggest you use a 1tb hdd and add a 120gb ssd boot drive whenever you can. SSD's are still too expensive for storing large games.

Also keeping your current case and PSU will save you money. The PSU I've chosen shouldnt really be very loud but perhaps not silent. To increase silence I'd suggest replacing case fans or getting the inline resitor cables that reduce speed. Also an aftermarket cpu cooler like the hyper 212 evo would do wonders. That GPU should be very quiet as well with sufficient airflow.