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OK, so I was talking about my rig with some friends the other day, and we we're all talking about the parts in our builds and why we chose them. I was the first to build mine and I've gone through tons of parts selling and buying and replacing over the few years and I wanted to know how much it would cost to build my rig right now. I totaled it all up and the total was a lot higher than I expected. I started thinking about the rig I could build now for the same money and was wondering how others compared. If you could rebuild your rig for the same the current parts cost, what would you guys change?

Current ($1400):

Would build:

Reasons for changes:
Graphics is an obvious improvement, the dual gpu card leaves on lane open on the m-atx board. M-atx for protability, I ended up moving my computer a lot more than i though I would when I built it and I regret how big it is. 4690k because its ahead of the 8350 most times now, and zen is still a long way out, an i7 is overkill for the stuff I do, dont need the extra power. Power supply because super flower is the OEM for EVGA and they compete with seasonic, plus its damn nice price for the gold rating and 1300w. Took out the SSD and ended up with a worse cooler, but that leaves room for expansion. SSDs are nice for the speed but I dont need one, and again I dont really need the extra horsepower that comes from OC'ing the cpu. Changed HDD because I trust hitachi more that WD, and when I bought that black I had no idea what I was doing.

So what changes would you all make?

Sorry this isn't necessarily right on-topic, but why do you trust Hitachi more than WD? I'd like to know because I thought WD was the top for HDDs, but I don't know much about them really. They're kinda just one of those things that you buy and forget about until it dies or gets replaced, I guess.

imo all mechanical HDDs are super unreliable, regardless of manufacturer. Yes, some appear to have better track records than others, but for whatever reason, HDDs are one of those products (along with wireless access points) that we just accept can crap out at any moment. Not too many consumer products out there that are capable of being DOA. Its kind of amazing that we put up with them at all :)

As for my own build, since I finished it ~3 month ago, there is nothing yet that I would want to change. Though, I might want to have FuryX instead of my 8GB 290X.

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Yesssss~ This. This is the reason I use HGSTs.

Anyway, I would have swapped out the Mobo, CPU and RAM and just gone with the most low budget X99 platform possible. As it stands, I'm suddenly behind in the times, and now that there's a new socket and DDR4 required for the new platform, it's turning out to be a lot more costly to upgrade now than if I'd just been patient and waited to begin with.
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So yeah...future "compatibility" would be the sole reason. Other than that, my system does pretty much what I want it to do.

Just curious, you say you don't need to OC the CPU, yet you would have gone with a $200+ Z97 motherboard and a k-skew i5? Why?

Could save a chunk of $ by going with a more entry-level Z97 board (one that still has SLI/Crossfire) and non-Z i5 (4590). Nearly $100 in savings which could get you a 256GB SSD. That would be better spent, IMO. ;)

HGST (Hitachi Global Storage Technologies) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Western Digital. So if you buy HGST you are buying a WD. Who makes the better car, Cadillac or General Motors, or are they the same?

Porsche is a subsidiary of Volkswagen ... your point being?

Current system:

I'm surprised at how many parts are missing prices, particularly the soundcard.

I would change the motherboard to one with USB 3.1, change the graphics to an EVGA 980Ti Hybrid, change the monitors to 2560x1440, change the PSU to a Platinum add an M.2 and probably increase the RAM to 32GB.

My 120gb SSD cost me the same as a 480gb does now, I'd change that.

The point is, it is the same company just different product lines, branded differently. So whether it's a Porsche in your garage or a Volkswagen, technically speaking they are both Volkswagen. Just different classes of products. That's the point. Nothing else.


That's why. I've also had one or 2 WD drives fail on me but never a hitachi, I have one that's over a decade old I pulled from a laptop that's still running fine.


I actually thought about that, but decided to stick with my product choices for the idea that since the rig I have is a product of constant evolution, the "new" rig would be too. I would WANT to OC the chip eventually, but for the time being just keep the hyper 212 on there. The motherboard gives me the stability and the ability to OC in the future if I would want to, plus I'm a big fan of and trust that series of motherboards

I thought about this as well. I almost switched a few months back, but I think I'll probably wait to see what AMD has with zen. I thought that the marginally larger cost wasn't really worth the extra cost over the z97, that extra money was better put into other components, such as the gpu.