Rebooting my Winders VM causes no video (PCIe GPU passthrough)

I am running into an issue where rebooting my Winders VM causes no video to come up after.

I have a Geforce 1070 PCIe Passthrough’d to my Windows VM. This doesn’t require the ACS patch but I pass in a PCIe Firewire card which does need the ACS patch (Gigabyte AX370 Gaming 5 + Ryzen 2700). Not sure if it’s ACS or not but I suspect it’s something with my Geforce card because I was messing with the ACS patch when I was using an older AMD card with the VM and didn’t have any issues. I had to do the workaround to avoid the Code 43 driver error so I dunno if that’s it.

Anyone run into this and have suggestions on a solution? It’s not the worst but when Windows is doing to do crazy updates, I’ll have to baremetal boot it if I can’t survive a reboot otherwise. I’m hoping moving to x399 resolves this but I haven’t opened my wallet on that yet (Newegg has deals though that seem compelling ahead of the Ryzen 3000 launch).