Realtek HD Audio Manager - no equalizer/sound effects

The problem: there is no Sound Effects tab in my Realtek HD Audio Manager.

What I've tried so far:

* installing the drivers found on the disk that came with the laptop (R2.65)

* updating audio drivers to R2.70

* searching for software that might be interfering with my sound settings, found none.

Other info: I'm using a brand new Acer V3-571G. Both my laptop and my desktop PC are running Win7 64bit, the PC has the Sound Effects tab while my laptop does not. Most topics on Google suggested that there is probably another program interfering with the sound settings, however, after carefully going thourgh the Program List and knowing that I did not install any such program, I'm sure this is not the case.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Have your tried uninstalling it and getting the driver from the main site?

Yes I have, did not do the trick. I'm pretty sure I've used every driver combination so far with no luck.

Alright, this is interesting. I installed an older R2.30 driver just like on my desktop PC - the Sound Effects tab appeared! However, there is no ability to make my own presets, I can only choose from the Rock, Dance, etc. And not only that, now my sound comes from both my internal laptop speakers AND external speakers ~_~

Sorry for the late reply I had somthing like that going on my self but for my desktop. I had sound only coming out of my headphone jack but not my speakers. turns out I just needed to set my speakers to default. thats what I did but other that that I have no clue but try that.

Could you please be more specific as to what I should exactly do? I've went through numerous threads on the net and most of the solutions refer to an option in the HD Audio Manager that is simply not available for me. Furthermore, I see no difference in Control Panel -> Sound -> Playback whether I've connected external speakers, headphones, earphones or nothing at all. The sound comes from all of those devices.

Right now I've installed R2.41 which has all the equalization options I want, but this speaker problem is making me consider R2.71. Where's the best of both worlds!?